New look! Pose.

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Throwback Thursday! Before this haircut …

Hi, lovelies! So… I trimmed my hair. I wanted to look more like (not really :P) Timothée Chalamate as a joke between my boyfriend and me. You see it no? :,)

I have nothing to type about but it’s been so long and I want to write. Oh, there is one thing I want to shoot out there.

Tomotaos AKA pomodoros

So… for those writers with super writer’s block, you may feel my feelings when I feel torn between writing being my work and my happiness. I would recommend the Pomodoro method. There is this phenomenal app: Focus Keeper- Time Management, which can help you focus. Its ages four plus if you allow your little ones to use electronics. Plus, all the time you spend focusing adds up. You can see the total hours, assuming you are serious about reading, writing, whatever, it may very well only be a single 25-minute long Pomodoro– a week you have focused. The apps times you. It even makes this super cool ticking noise that makes me focus more because the tick reminds me of school classrooms, not to mention the crocodile Caption Hook could not get far enough away from.

Another option, less precise, is a tomato-shaped clock. My mom has one and offered it. So nice. I will thank her. ✪ ω ✪

What Winter classes?

I signed up for a Gotham writing class. Gotham Writers And the course only recommended writing for at least 2 hours a week! Still… I believe I am challenging myself. Look at thyself. Am I an autistic learning disordered focus impaired psychiatric train wreck? Most positively indeed.

A friend once told me my writing is subpar yet… the ray of sun… I write a lot. I think that I have good habits.

The Buttercup’s Creative Cheats

  • AMC A-List Stubs membership for max movies to refresh stories
  • Reading the best I can… this year only completed three-ish
  • This blog da-duh-oi
  • Google dox
  • Dictionary… the Oxford one… a Christmas gift I treasure
  • books Nonfiction and Fantasy both oops.
  • Barnes and Noble acc
  • Good reads acc
  • Ownership of works like Bird by Bird by Anne Lamont. Elements of Style. And I need not say more about Stephen King’s memoir and thoughts on writing
  • Low workload– I only go in for 22 hours a week B)
  • A major in Technical Writing
  • Hoopla (library app for listening to audiobooks!)
  • Grammarly
  • Pomodoro

I am using Pomodoro as we speak, though, I mostly use my writing focus to work on a major project of mine that I really hope I follow through with because of how fun. I am composing a collection of twelve short stories, and I’ve completed, albeit not yet edited, two ten-pagers. I will totally path back to my The Attack of The Crazy Raccoon Balloons story but I got logged off my Wattpad account so life is screwy.

What are y’all working on?

I joined a local writing group. It was thrilling most of the folks looked to be my elder and I was afraid to turn my camera on as three forty-year-old men chatted about South Park! Thank goodness I turned my camera on. Everybody was incredible. We shared what we would write and where we were from in my case, as I was new. It was funny to listen to them talk about one being named Drake or so and another being named Cosby or so (fake names) so we talked of celebs they may be mistaken for. I kept my mouth shut; my new year’s revolution, one of them, is to listen more and talk less. But like… I was dying to tell them I may be related to James Joyce because of my Irish last name rooted in Dublin, also the setting of the latter of the two short stories.

Joyce and I are opposites. He read plenty, yet wrote few… I write mighty, yet reading… if I were to read for pleasure I could be great. Even an audiobook would do. So… yes Hoopla is my friend.

Guys, I am so nervous. It’s just… I have so many people… not critics, one, told me this is not ready to be published, referring to the first short story I wrote for the collection. This man is not one of those critics because he may question my ideas and work but to me, he is as loyal as a royal taste tester, never to question my person and character.

Anyway, I love what Stephen King said, something like to be successful all you need is a stable marriage and a healthy body. The key to a successful marriage is, of course, laughter. That’s how BB and I do it and we have been together as a couple for three years, to be wed shortly. And working at a grocery store I buy veg for health. (with nice deals and price cuts! ;)” ).

Later lovelies!

Warm regards,

Buttercupヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪ too cool!

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  1. We are indeed much better equipped to tackle problems and chase goals when we have a good body. And since the body-mind connection also exists, we’ll get two for the price of one. Great message!


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