What are some of the best things to do to sleep better?

In my calendar planner, (silk and sonder) which I absolutely adore by Megan Meha, each month there is a choice of stop, start, and continue. I have taken to the idea so much that this is how I have chosen to organize today’s blog post.


Now, let us say it is Halloween night. All the ghosts are beckoning you to partake of the booze; However, these tricksters are expecting more than a casual sip with a book or with a friend. No, these monsters are armed with fountains of red bloody wine and babysitters for the kids cause someone has to function when the moon sets. Now, that’s fine and all but alcoholic drinks affect each of us differently. Say your bestie Stella has been making her AUD (or alcohol use disorder) beautiful for the past 10 years sober. According to recent polysomnography (or a study of oxygen in the blood, heartbeats per minute, movements of muscles, brain activity, type of breathing) women have a greater likelihood of sleeping through the night than men, as well as a swifter time to drift off to sleep after the lights are turned off. To get to the point, according to researchers Sarah M. Inkelis, Brant P. Hasler, and Fiona C. Baker, we are built different; we are built unique!

I watched this cool Ted Talk below that talks to us a bit about lifestyle surrounding the devil herself, sugar, or the enemy number one of your longevity. Hear me when I say, limit sugar contact. Instead, meet miss protein. Most likely her energy will have you in love so much so, you will marry her, hypothetically! If protein was a person I mean.

Just FYI the word 甜 is a Chinese word pronounced Tian the radical 甘 gives the word it’s meaning the other pictograph gives the word its sound. According to Arch Chinese the word (sweet) means  "sweetwillingsweetnesstastyabbr. for Gansu provincesurname GanKangxi radical 99.”

Trigger warning the good news is to change your diet you can choose to do long laborious cooking without sugar which can be a long shot for those with depression so give ya’ll self-compassion! Build up to it, take a cooking class, push past self-doubt and perfectisim.


Are you feeling restless? You are not alone! If you guessed 70,000,000 people from the United States of America you would be right! Insomnia is an epidemic.

How about you start treating insomnia by talking with your doctor? I talked to mine and I found a dose and medicine for those with Bipolar. NEVER FEAR ASKING FOR AND ACCEPTING HELP. Remember pride is a deadly sin. Have courage. Insomnia can also be helped significantly with the addition of consistent exercise. Baseically, you do you. I like following yoga trainers on youtube that helps tons because it combines stretching out tension with breathing deep and good vibes. 👏 Shout out to my inspirations Blogiloties, Mad fit , and Pamela Reif 😁 And many others.

Cool relaxing image.


The relaxing things that make you happy! Mine include…

  • social media breaks
  • reaching out to a friend or family member
  • staying on top of school work and other stressors
  • drawing in a sketchbook
  • walking a dog or exotic pet whatevs.
  • STUFFED ANIMAL 👌(❁´◡`❁) cuddles w/ a movie
  • Ghibli movies
  • playlists
  • parties
  • books
  • coffee and caffeine before 1pm and no later ✔
  • Significant other (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ) (my boyfriend)
  • water 1!!!! agua bebe


Alcohol Res. 2020;40(2):13 • https://doi.org/10.35946/arcr.v40.2.13
Published: 16 July 2020


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