Eating meals vs diet calories

Hello Lovelies! Good morning to you and your families and friends!

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It is I Buttercup! Today, I will like to chat about fatphobia which was brought to my attention by NPR Life Kit.

A real-world example of phobias destroying communication and ending lives resulting in my theory that phobias are the root of all evil

To begin the conversation I will like to go over an evil yet human act committed in the town across from mine. Heart shatteringly and seriously corrupt, there was a gentleman, race dark-skinned, who was speeding on his motorcycle; as a malicious consequence, he was without hesitation beaten to his death by a division of cowardly (poorly trained) police officers. The gentleman’s name was Tyre Nichols. The cops were scared shitless but that fear transformed into anger, into hatred. Why would a dark skin man resist arrest? That is what they must have been thinking at least subconsciously their own brains associated skin color with negativity, with inferiority, tragically and falsy speculating his speed was because he was dangerous. It is that horrible Us vs Them identity crisis that kills citizens. The same ideology wrote Mein Kampf. Innocence lacks basic human rights given unevenly like a cookie batter not stirred well enough, the chocolate chips are all in one cluster instead of dispersed as should be. Almost like how important obese individuals are never given proper seating accommodations, brave Nichols was denied life: beginning middle, and end, on account of factors he could not have controlled. This is all I can do as an influencer (though a small business kind of influencer; I will not pretend to be a big business.) Please remember to do little things like support black businesses in your local area, or use your own platform for those closed to be opened eyes. Words can not express how saddened I am.

What is a phobia?

“an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation.”

Merriam Webster

The Standard American Diet takes over

All I have to say is that I have been reading about the Standard American Diet or SAD which is basically fast food or just processed food like deli meat that can cause colon cancer. Here is a meme I saw on my Fitbit community …

This is not funny to me

The SAD is globalizing and staple foods like Greece’s yummy salads are being overruled by the convenience of Mcdonalds’, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chic-Fill-A, Pizza Hut, and many more. This is yucky and ew!

According to The Centers for Disease Control Prevention, 90% of Americans go under the recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables. This needs to change but not everyones’ diet in the same! Our differences are what make us mighty.

Introducing a food concept created by Bio Anthropologist, Stephen Le…

Eat like your Grandma! I agree. So, even though eating your culture’s food may not make you rail thin… it is predicted to make you live longer. Why would your ancestor’s food make you live to one hundred? Well, because you share the same enzymes used by your body to digest your meals.

For example, I am mostly Polish so I will try to eat Poppy seed pie, rye bread, pierogis, kielbasa, or Golumpki. I have plenty of research to do. I made a salad from Poland and it was so yummy. The salad had the following ingredients apple, pickles, peas, potatoes, carrots, eggs, and mayonnaise!

Though, Le says that there is a risk of you not liking the taste of your culture’s food, I LOVE mine!

Last bit of reminder: date yourself!

You must understand body acceptance is key. All those doctor weigh-ins, rude blokes, or just nosey people do not know what she is talking about or what beautiful humans she is disrespecting. Tell this person: “Are you okay?” This psychological question makes insulting people recoil. Afterall, insulters are insulting you with things that reflect on herself. This means do not always be the discipline self-critic who always is going for your spinach smoothie, though a spinach smoothie is delicious every once in a while, especially with a drizzle of honey, please enjoy a chocolate shake when you have it, and it’s most joyful.

That’s it my darlings,

Be safe a treat others with tolerance and yourself with compassions!

Yours warmly,

Buttercup (★ ω ★)

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