One Piece Film Red

Hello, lovelies!

I have never watched One Piece. I was scared of the long duration of a legacy of a good 25 years going on now. I would be fat as a pancake and heavy as a pumpkin pie if I watched the whole show… because if I watched it unlike the super cool fans who all get pumped and exercise to be the strongest pirate, I would eat like I have a positive pregnancy result, a hollow leg, and a parasite just like Luffy eats a whole plate, nevermind that a whole TABLE. ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

But the 1 hour and 55-minute movie is a walk in the Alice and wonderland theme park.

Side note: I watched Luffy eat and it reminded me of this coworker I have who said something interesting. She did not like eating chicken but ate it anyway. Why did she not like to eat it? It is too dark to eat a dead creature even if it is already dead. Why did she continue eating it? I do not know why she chose it. Perhaps because it was Wednesday and there is a special deal on hot chickens on that day.

How many episodes does this show have… If I guessed maybe 2,000… I just looked it up. The number is *drum roll* 1,035! Thinking about all that amazing animation, that is a whole lot. I was legit thinking there would be as many episodes as there were students at the high school I attended.

I loved how they made each character a wholly different individual.

I think Uta is the only villain I have ever related to. She is an ENFP and I am an INFP so I guess that adds up considering how similar the personalities can be. I related to her loneliness and how gullible she is and even right off the bat when Robyn said she was the worlds’ sweetheart just like how I am the sweetheart of those I talk to.

a screenshot from the trailer…

What I really liked about Uta was that she had hair that animated like puppy dog ears! Kawaii! (✿◡‿◡)

I am currently listening to Uta singing as we read so here is a link to a legendary Spotify playlist! I did not make this one but it is for sure a keeper. Uta singing! φ(゜▽゜*)♪

The whole film was a masterpiece. It was one piece.

I had the perfect theatre snack while I was awash in the glaze of color and bathed in the glory of the light of the screen. It was a blueberry raspberry slushie! When I was eleven years old, a decade ago, my go-to slushie at the pool was a Coca-Cola slushie! And that was the first time in my life that I watched an anime when I was in middle school. This anime was Attack on Titan. I was nervous at first to go with just a slushie because normally I have popcorn to have a little salt to something so hydrating… but it was very easy and nice to have one thing. Especially since it made my work simple to carry my snack to my seat.

The One Piece Red theatre itself had an impressive crowd show up. The headcount I added was maybe eight others besides myself. That is the gravitational pole of an evening show. It was playing at 5:00 PM in the evening at AMC.

I am still thinking about being a stubs member but I think I would have to watch three movies a week and I am more than happy with just one.

I think when I make friends I will become a member so I can watch one movie with my friends, one with family, and one with my boyfriend or if he is away by myself because he is off in college and doing french classes that are super hard oui oui.

It was funny to watch a show I knew nothing about. The character I was most surprised about was Shanks.

It was also funny to see Zero and … okay I do not know his name… c-curly brow? Oh, Sanji has a curly eyebrow because he walks a different path from his family… duh… well… anywho it was hilarious to see them fighting. Their friendship is important to me.

Of course, the friendship that stole the show was between Uta and Luffy! That game they played where they competed, and the drawing of Shank’s hat! Oh gosh… not to mention they were the only two on team red pirate that was shown as kid versions of themselves. Although, I did love young Shank’s cameo.

But the bottom line is… all fun has to come to an end.

This is an insane thought to me because fun is one of my core values. This is why aiming to become an elementary school teacher makes so much sense because my task is going to be about teaching kids like Uta to chase dreams of singing but to get some sleep. And play with the other kids because relationships are a must. Yet, I can see why work is important, like attending to sheep and helping people.

Now if you will excuse me I am going to read some of because they explain a lot there… and see you butters later!

With warmth,


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