This morning I started off with breakfast muffins. They were hot garbage. Why? Because they just got out of an old gas oven as fast as a second timer rang because they were obviously underdone and needed time to live. Like how the batter stuck to the muffin wrapper like Elmer’s glue.

The muffins were made from almonds, blueberries, vanilla protein powder I snuck from my brothers’ stash, and half a banana.

I bought the ingredients from a local store. I am overweight. I am merely a height of 5’7. I assumed that since I am tall for a girl it would be okay to eat whatever I want: Cheetos, Lays Potato Chips, and anything low in vitamin, fiber, and protein quality yet something a stressed human would gorge on.

I am at least ten pounds overweight with a BMI of approximately 27.2 which is a stark contrast to a normal BMI of 18.5-24.9.

Was there any incentive to go to a grocery store on an important date with my boyfriend and buy veg galore like produce so green and fruit so pink you could taste the color?

Like I told you just a moment ago I am watching my weight!

And yet I had even jetted across a noisy growling traffic-free way to Five Guys hamburgers to send the journey to ashes and silver hung up on gold trashed as I gave up hard-earned dinero for not a little cheeseburger, but a full-on double patty cheeseburger (no veg on the top despite toppings being free of charge) for leftover purposes.

Off topic, but I accidentally called the woman taking my order… MOMMY! ;O)

There were only two life hacks I did to crawl anywhere near forward: I avoided the legendary spicy cajun peanut oiled fried Idioh potato french fries or British chips and went with a peanut butter hold the whip cream milkshake. Hello, protein oh how mama loves you. It was hella smart to differentiate between my smoothie and my brother’s banana smoothie, which has whip cream, as he has a peanut allergy.

The balance for the meal was a small fortune too. Five Guys charged a whopping $42 dollars for grub for simply two humans and milkshakes for a few stranglers.

What is new? My boyfriend and I were watching some boring television … he is not boring nor overweight and it is a little-known fact that us fat goth chicks with bipolar such as myself have better chances of weight loss if they hang with light weight gym hotties such as my beautiful babe q(≧▽≦q) he lost weight… well there was a muscular woman portrayed who though not as hot as me, my boyfriend mentioned her physic would work for me.

What did I have to say? Bring it on… working out is a future must. The movement even can make you smarter than books can… BOOKS. And books can make someone wicked genius kinda sick sharp like a light bulb intelligent.

Upon starting a new journey out of fear, the kind of fear that bends your elastic guts to a breaking point thinking about breaking the bank, the furtive future, and even mental illness issues that could conflict with my enlarged goals that grow more robust each passing day, I bought new running shoes that fit like a cloud.

I am scared if I do not start today I might never make it to all my other important goals. Say? Should I start a fear series with goals that I am stumbling on like an ice skater first day?

So I downloaded and subscribed to Centr. This was created by Chris Hemsworth. It is super good and focuses on goals like losing weight, toning up, and building muscle. I plan to lose 24 pounds. That I plan to have off by April 4th which I devised I would lose on average 1 pound a month to get to 150 pounds total by next Spring 2023.

I am even thinking about starting a bullet journal.

However, I do not feel like paying for one that has the special dots and I have a plethora of line-ruled notebooks I can use instead. Update: In return for walking my three pet mutts at the same time … my mommy gave me a free ride to Staples and Butter’s got herself a soupa cute new bullet journal for the win. This little Earth (my nickname for her) will be filled with stickers from my Stickii subscription! 🙂

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Some cancers
  • any family inherited diseases
  • poor vision
  • depression

Above are things that exercise and a healthy lifestyle and weight can help avoid.

Things that I sort of picked up from Centr are things like if you do the recommended meals for two meals a day and have dinner with my crazy big family, probably with only a premade heat-up meat loaf mommy bought from Costco.

What do Centr’s recipes look and feel like?

Well … they are incredibly filling. For instance, I went in with plausibly ten ingredients: Sakruat, tuna, pickles, red onion, red bell pepper, ripe tomato, and a whole wheat wrap to enclose the pan-fried cheddar cheese melted goodness not to mention the too-thick sprinkles of savory spices like the enriching iodine filled salt and the pepper that can make breath sabotaging eggs smell fine as divine… yum!

In the end, I problem-solved and offered my Pop an undercooked burrito that: “did not have warm enough tomato.” Sorry, daddy!!! Two burrito munchers are better than one! Especially since these protein-punched bad boys could contest with Chipolte.

What are my Whys?

Why must I lose weight? What are some of your reasons?

  • I want to fit into women’s American clothes better. I mean size twelve is me, it’s fine, but I can do better than that, that 12 is my worst let us unveil my best.
  • I want my doctor to look at me and ask: “What sport do you play? You must be a firefighter thank you oh goddess for your service?” as opposed to what they typically do which is look down condescending with health creed: “When do you plan on starting exercising? You look thirty do you lift?”
  • My fortune cookie from a GODLIKE restaurant called Phoong Lin read “Do it! You will do today what you will start yesterday. Do not wait until tomorrow because tomorrow will become yesterday!” 🙂

Please my butterflies! Do it! Crush it!

Until our fears blend and transform into our victories,

bai !

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