Good Morning lovelies!

Within the seasons of this new year of the Tiger by the end of 2022 I decided I would read 100 books, even though most are the $10 kind that are meant for school libraries. I do not own many books but I have about five I bought but made it to chapter 20 before taking a pause.

I ask myself: why am I doing this?

All a person needs to be happy is a library and a garden.

Pages and dancing sentences
Feelings and swirling memories
I read morning and night
I might read something boring
But never mundane
Books are calming like the sound of rain or like a graceful fish
I wish I could read 24/7
That I can do in earthly heaven
At the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020, I coped with a spine of a book rather than my own spine; I was so scared of the onslaught of covid I would wear a mask outside and two masks inside, though I seldom went with my mom to even the grocery store, and waited several months to visit friends.

I managed to read one book but according to good reads I am 3 books behind schedule.

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner.

Solid book. I was crying in my chair reading it. I was loving how much I related to its honesty and descriptive language about the spicy laborious family meals and the events felt like I was there watching every tender moment. It made me cherish and love my family ten fold.

I was watching Encanto with my little brother and the devotion to blood just makes me grateful today is my parents anniversary. Yes, this memoir resonated with me and I hope my dreams will come true just like Michelle being a inspiring musician, I hope to be a celebrated author.

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