A chat about the best sandwich

My brother is allergic to all tree nuts. The only nuts he has ever eaten include peanuts and coconuts. Coconut is technically not a nut but he is allergic anyway. so I interviewed him to see what he eats for lunch if not the infamous yet delicious, PB&J.

I was very curious about his life. Where I was packed PB&J sandwiches for all twelve years of schooling, my brother bought the school lunch and had pizza and tacos most days.

So what is his favorite sandwich? The answer might surprise you.

Grilled cheese sandwich. I like a grilled cheese sandwich best served with pipping hot tomato soup but my brother takes it by itself, that is enough for him the flavors so good and comforting.

He learned to make his favorite sandwich from our mom when he was in the third grade, compared to me who did not make food until I boiled a hotdog in fifth grade with someone who had just as many questions about cooking as I did including “are hotdogs already cooked?” Yes kids, frozen hot dogs are indeed cooked. You only must heat them up first.

I imagine having a peanut allergy can be good because it is so easy to choke on the thick and sticky peanut butter. But my brother says he wishes he did not have to be allergic to all nuts. I wish I could trade places with him.

It was my esteemed pleasure to interview my brother while he played catch back football against a wall.

He says his favorite part about grilled cheese sandwiches is the cheese. He goes for American cheese every time. Although, the bread is crispy because he cooks it golden brown, the cheese takes the place of peanut butter.

“What if there was a grilled cheese cooking competition, would you enter?”

“Yup I am in favor of the idea.” He tells me.

“Fruit and cheese go well together. Would you ever see yourself making grilled cheese out of bread with blueberries in it.”

“No thats gross. I have made the grilled cheese with only bread, butter, and cheese this whole time. There is no reason to change it.”

“Where else have you had grilled cheese? Do your friends like it?”

“Not as much as I do … I have never had it at a friends house only at restaurants and school and camp mess halls.”

“How many grilled cheese have you had today?”


When will you next make grilled cheese?”

“I don’t know but soon.”

Stringy, has protein, and is served hot.

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